Thursday, February 18, 2010

arcaban notification

this my first write in english in my blog..... i just wall to tell and give some notification about arcaban.blogspot

1. this blog, i make as a media to share my opinion based on my experience, sharing my knowledge. maybe sometime my opinion was not so good, so indeed i need all of your opinion to compare with me... so this media also can be use to srahe our experience dan knowledge each other.
2. in this blog i usually write in Indonesian Language. why i not use english, it because it want to fokus the subjek reader to the indonesian people. but it dont mean i not interest with other people. i often read the other blog that use english. so if u dont understan my language in my blog, u can comment me, so i can explain it to u. some of my title article is use english ... it maybe can help to understand what is iam talking about
3. I like to do a critic. so if there was feel unhappy with my write, i soory about it. but that is may opinion. we can debate in here.
4. i also have been create new blog in: with same ID: arcaban

maybe next time i will write in english....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Please check your grammar. You make several mistake in spelling and grammar. Good luck broo!!

  3. be ngae blog tet?... jadi follower blog rage nah... thanks


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